My name is Ashley Murray.
Many know me by my social media pseudonym, Ash Tastic. It comes from my days as an elementary school teacher trying to camouflage myself from tech-savvy kids, and it's been my moniker ever since.

I'm a human-centred graphic designer with a focus in experience, visual, and motion design.
I have a passion for the world and molding creative solutions to help people experience and perceive the world around them.
As a result of that passion, I have a degree in Graphic Design, Linguistics and Psychology, and a Bachelors in Education.
I strongly believe there's always something to learn, and I believe there's a solution to everything, limited only by how far you're willing to stretch the imagination.
I've got a brain inherently programmed for design that's uniquely marinated with all the knowledge and experience I've collected along the way. I'm armed with weird and logical creativity, a love for stretching the boundaries of knowledge and experience, and a contagious enthusiasm.
So, let's stretch some brains and mold awesomeness.